Hormones are Horrible!

I’m always up for a good challenge and losing weight has proven to be one of my biggest challenges. It’s physically and emotionally taxing. The awesome thing is that I’m up for it. The more I learn about myself the more impactful this experience will be.

Learning what works for me isn’t easy. I even considered using one of those diet supplements. I’ve done it before with relatively good success. But then, after speaking with a few friends, one of which is in the medical field, I hear a recurring theme … hormones. Ugh! For all the men out there… I really don’t like you right now. Why? Because I’m a woman. Hormones, those nasty things (that we all have) that drive women (and the men that love us) crazy.

Men seem to have it so easy. I know you guys have them, but you seem to handle yourselves very well. You’re cool, calm, and collected. Well, many of you are anyway.

Did you know?


Menopausal therapy typically consists of synthetic estrogens and progesterone.  Many women that have had a hysterectomy will not be prescribed any progesterone; therefore increasing their estrogen load. OneWellnessPlace

At any rate, I realized that I wasn’t as ready as I thought to be 50 and I had totally denounced, blocked out, denied that M word – menopause. There are physical changes that my body is going through since my hysterectomy and turning 50 may have something to do with that as well. So, since I’m in this place I can’t be that new 25 that I thought I could be. Well, at least not right now. Mentally, I’m there, physically, oh wow. NOT! But I’m not going down without a fight! Ding! Ding!

With gloves on I step back into the ring as I consider all the things that I could possibly do to improve my overall well being. In May I have a nutritionist, medical doctor, and life coaching coming to my show to discuss weight for the more mature individuals. 🙂 Personally, I’ll be meeting with my personal physician and nutritionist to tweak my plan. I’m reaching out to as many people with knowledge and success that I can to create a stronger support group.

I still maintain connection with my accountability partner which is awesome! So, as the week progresses I will be on “the war path”, as my father would say, on my ever challenging quest to lose the weight.


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