Warmer Weather Creates an Urge for Outdoor Workouts

Personal-TrainerI really wish I could work with a personal trainer. I think I’d be more successful. But I can’t; it’s just not in my budget. So, I began looking at what I already had available to me. Garage diving I went – looking for anything that would make my exercising fun and give me the ability to change things up a bit. As a former Bally’s member I accumulated equipment to augment my regimen at home. To date I found my medicine ball and another ball for core training. But the fun stuff really didn’t kick in until I checked out what I had on my phone. I think I talked about this in another post. skimble android

With the warmer weather creeping in  working out is going to another level. With new apps and gear it’s time to step up my game and work out my weight loss like it’s no tomorrow. On Monday, before my walk, I activated my workout trainer on my phone. OMG! I love this thing! The app, developed by Skimble, provides workout videos, recommendations, and more. Check them out their website. Oh, by the way, it’s FREE! Noom-workout1Who doesn’t like free? Another great app is by Noom. This is the first app I ever used and I love it too. It’s excellent for those who enjoy walking. With GPS, distance and step counter and timer, you can walk your way to improved health. Additionally, Noom offers Noom Walk which counts your steps and analyses your activity level. The free version of Noom also includes a meal tracker, exercise recommendations, and more. A pro version for a nominal price. Now, what’s cool with the pro version is that you are assigned a coach. The last time I had it the cost was only $10/month for the pro membership. I don’t know a coach who is available for $10 a month. Noom offers Noom Coach and Noom Health. You can learn more about Noom on their website.

Now that it’s getting warmer I seem to have more energy and a greater excitement about working out. Beth, my accountability partner, weathered the cold. I have to give her kudos for that. I stayed inside more than not. She’s been a great inspiration and has become a friend. No matter what you choose to do, make sure that you connect with someone. I’m always available … 🙂 Seriously, you find that you are more successful when you have a buddy that keeps you accountable. Be honest and don’t be afraid to be transparent. I learned with Beth, that with honesty comes freedom and with freedom comes opportunity to grow and succeed.

Above all things keep your plans and goals before God. “In all thy ways acknowledge HIM and He will make your path straight” (Proverbs 3:6). He makes things easier to deal with. I’m experiencing emotional and physical changes that I hadn’t prepared for. They say prepare for changes in mood. I didn’t think it would get worse before it got better. That transition was challenging and I wanted to cheat and eat … and eat… and eat. But I resisted and God helped me through it. I vented – a lot – to Beth. The poor woman would receive an eye full of emails of me venting. She has such a gracious heart and would give a kind word and encouragement. I want everyone to have a Beth in their lives. Like the cool apps, having that one person to give encouragement and/or a kick in the pants is awesome.

I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.


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