Hey Mike… Guess what Day it is!!!!


Yes! It’s Hump Daaaaay! And I’m glad about it.

I’ve had a very challenging week last week. I guess you guys noticed since I really wasn’t online much. For those who follow me on social media you know that I’ve really been concentrating my efforts on the broadcast and channeling my frustrations through my artistic expressions.

Some of the things I’ve been working on is the new website (www.yourblueprintforlife.org), creating my new marketing materials (business cards, fliers, postcards, etc.) and writing for the broadcast. I’m proud of myself for taking time to just chill and read. Though the book was business oriented I really enjoyed it. You will have to check out Friday’s broadcast. I will be interviewing Dean Marchese of Empowerment Media, LLC about his book, “How to Get a $5,000 Raise – Without Asking Your Boss.”

It’s an easy read, but I found myself putting it down and just thinking. Wow! Are you serious?! This practical guide to starting and profiting from your business is powerful. It’s a must read and will go on my Good Reads book spotlight. That is, if it’s available on Good Reads. If not, I recommend it. Anyway …. this challenged me to thing differently. It brought me back to a post I made a few weeks ago when my therapist asked me if what I was thinking and experiencing in my head or a reality.

One of the greatest barriers to change is ourselves. We put up our own roadblocks to not achieving our goals and dreams. We spend more time thinking about what we don’t have than what we do have and learn how to leverage it effectively. Well, that’s the basis of Dean’s book.

In other news…

I fell of the wagon. No, I think I fell off and got hit by the wagon and it felt more like being hit by a Mack Truck. Here’s the deal. With the change of weather (extreme cold) my body began to hurt in ways I forgot was possible. I couldn’t do as much and really didn’t want to take my meds because it makes me sleepy or puts me in loop-loop land. It’s like riding a roller coaster without going to the amusement park. It’s crazy!

peanut butter pattiesSo by the weekend my daughter had bought the infamous Girl Scout Cookies. Ugh! I ate an entire box of Peanut Butter Patties within 24 hours. Now I could justify it by saying that it was a small box so there wasn’t much to eat. But the reality is that I tore that box up in three sittings. SMH Needless to say I felt horrible about it and was very disappointed with myself for succumbing to the temptation … nope, that was a strong desire. LOL And yes, they were good.

Thank God I don’t binge eat like I use to. After speaking with my accountability partner I realize that I still expect a lot from myself. One, because I share my life with all of you. Two, because I desire to be successful. We’ve come to a consensus that I should focus on my SMART goals. (I really need to go back and reread some of my own posts.) My SMART goal for this week is to drink 3 bottle of water daily. The last time I spoke about drinking water I was up to 3 bottles but I was only doing that about 3 days a week. Some days I actually did more and some days less.

Consistency is key for me now more than ever. It really wasn’t hard to go through the week without sweets. I’ve gone so long that it’s really funny, no that I look back, that I was such a drama queen. Listen, it really doesn’t matter if it’s cookies, alcohol, smoking or any other behavior you’re trying to change; be patient with yourself. Don’t quit trying because you fell of the wagon or feel like you just got hit by one. I use the phrase, “Get a medic!” or “Medic!” when I’m really struggling. When in the service that is what we said when we needed medical attention. Well, this is what I use when I just need attention and need to vent or need someone to give me a good once over to make sure I’m good.

Today my accountability partner did just that for me. I am so appreciative of this woman for accepting this crazy and sometimes extra person that I can be. She speaks life and understanding and patience. Remember one thing, coaches, counselors and therapists need coaches, counselors and therapists. This is one of the greatest lessons I learned in college while preparing for my counseling certification.

So now I close this post knowing that I’m still good, bruised, but good. And I still “can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” And I AM more courageous, stronger, and at peace that I have been in a while. I love you guys and thank you for your encouragement. You guys ROCK.


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