Morning Moves

Happy Monday HorizonHello!!! Well, I missed my MOVE meeting, however, I’m in contact with my MOVE coordinator and nutritionist. So, I guess I’m ok. No big plans for today. Reading, writing and … no arithmetic. Maybe I’ll catch up on my “Housewives.” The Real Housewives of OC is just what I need right now.

As for breakfast, I have a taste for granola. I have to admit it was pretty good. Not the cardboard paper taste I feared. Lunch will be chili with cornbread cracker bites. Not sure about dinner yet. It’s been determined that I don’t eat enough. So, what do I do? Any suggestions?

My goal is to eat light breakfasts and dinners with a heavier lunch. Mid-day is when I’m the most active and nee

d the most energy going into the early evening. Helping to raise four active

grandchildren needs every ounce of energy and maybe some pixie dust I can get my

hands on.

Well, That’s all for now. Have a great day and shoot me some suggestions for healthy and delicious dinners I can try. I like trying new things.

Check out this site for some great “Morning Moves” to get your day going.


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