I Had an Ephiphany!

I had an awesome day today! Productive, family oriented, and just plain fun! While my grands were off to the library with their mother I enjoyed some quiet time. Beef stew was on the menu for dinner. It was a “Tweets and Eats” kind of evening. And then it happened …

I had an epiphany!


“What could it be now? Wrong foods?” Nope. “Not exercising?” No. “What about …?” Before you go into 20 question mode let me stop you here. I realized that I’m impatient. I rush through just about anything.

Allow me to explain. As I’m eating and tweeting I take a bite of this juicy beef cube smothered in gravy. I’m chewing and swallow. You may be thinking, “Ok, but isn’t that part of the eating process?” Of course it is. However, it is recommended that we chew food slowly and thoroughly for better digestion. It also helps prevent esophageal pain. According to an article on one of my new favorite wellness/fitness sites LiveStrong.com

The act of chewing stimulates your salivary glands to release saliva. The saliva helps moisten your food. Saliva also contains special chemicals that help your body break down carbohydrates This is why it is important to chew your food thoroughly — doing so helps to fully coat your food with saliva and aids digestion.

When you chew your food thoroughly, taste buds located on your tongue send signals to your brain about the flavors you are tasting. The brain then sends signals to your stomach about the type of food you digested. The stomach then secretes certain chemicals and enzymes that will help digest that particular food type. This means nutrients in the food are released and assimilated into the body faster. Foods that are thoroughly chewed are also better digested. The stomach has to make less digestive juices to digest a small piece of food than a larger one.

That makes sense doesn’t it? But why does chewing your food fasting make you think you’re impatient? I’m so glad you asked. As I sat with my usual Mr. Smee look, I realize that eating isn’t the only thing I do quickly. I won’t go into my grocery list of behaviors, but I will say that doing things quickly doesn’t equate to doing things better. So, I sat back, put my tablet down and relaxed while I ate. This felt foreign to me, but if felt good.

I’m always in such a rush to get things done that I don’t take time out to “stop and smell the roses” or just enjoy a good beef stew for dinner. But tonight, I did. How refreshing! If you’re like me and have a Speedy Gonzalez personality that you’re always on the go, do yourself a favor – STOP – Breathe – and learn to enjoy life. You’ll find that you’ll rest better and not just sleep and you’ll have a better outcome when working on tasks.

Now, let me say one more thing. Don’t become so slow that you begin to procrastinate or become slothful. Remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare? The moral of this Aesop’s Fable is “Slow and steady wins the race.” Because the Hare was so quick he took time to goof off and take a nap. Truth be told, it wasn’t the fact that he was quick that made the Hare lose the race. It was his arrogance. Whenever you have this type of attitude you just doomed yourself to certain failure. So take your time, do it right, and you’ll see that, “Slow and steady” doesn’t only win a race, but it positions you for great success.

You really can learn a lot from food can’t you? Well, good night.


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