Food, Glorious Food!

Oliver_diningrmFood, glorious food!
Hot sausage and mustard!
While we’re in the mood —
Cold jelly and custard! (soloist 1)Peas pudding and saveloys!
What next is the question? (soloist 2)Oliver_more plz

Rich gentlemen have it, boys —

I am a fan of old musicals. Oliver is one of my favorites. Oliver, as I recall, was the kid who “wanted more”. “Please sir, may I have more?” This line is infamous and the start of a chain of events of the life of the orphan boy, Oliver.

How often do we find ourselves wanting more? When is enough … enough? I believe that self control and moderation is key if we individually, as a family, community, and society are to find true contentment or satisfaction. What’s enough for you may not be for me, I get that. We all have different things that drive us. BUT, what’s driving us? Are we being driven by healthy ambitions or greed?This topic came up while I was working on the Get in SHAPE: Lose the Weight program and developing the impact plan. This is a plan I use in coaching to help people get the most out of their present situation and move forward towards their goals, thus creating their “blueprint”. It’s not enough for us to have SMART goals. We need to look at what fuels us to press towards that mark, the finish line, the gold, the Heisman trophy, if you will.

My biblical studies in Galatians 5 revealed more than I expected. There is a biblical foundation to the things I do or strive to do – this is what fuels me.

Words like gluttony, rioting, slothful, undisciplined and the like came into play. But what did they have to do with what we do or why? A lot! Why is there so much in the Bible about eating and our attitudes towards it? Well, there really isn’t enough time or space for me to discuss this in it’s completion, however, let me share a few things.

  • Gluttony – We know this to be over eating. But many of us are “gluttons for punishment”. In other words we just continue to give, and give, do and do, be and be until there is nothing else to do, give, or be. We become wore out, sluggish and often find ourselves discouraged, have an attitude of discontentment, and even depressed. Now it’s Heart Disease Awareness month so let me shift for a moment and discuss how this effects our heart.
    • We over eat we gain weight, thus causing us to become physically imbalanced.
    • Having an emotionally “big heart” drains us emotionally and entangles us in unhealthy relationships.Yet, we want more.
  • Slothfulness – The act of not acting, being unmotivated, don’t care, nonchalant (consistently). You’re unproductive, unresponsive to situations, even those that need immediate attention. Wow! It has been said that you can be functional. The Bible talks about “having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof”. See 2 Tim 3:5. This is a person who does the basics, nothing more – nothing less, goes through the motions but their heart isn’t in it; therefor they have no real power, energy, excitement, etc. Another way of putting it is like having a farmer sow seeds but halfheartedly takes care of his garden. He may have a harvest, but it wouldn’t yield to its purpose or potential.

Food is a big thing in society. Some food commercials show how decadent a product is. I never knew Jello pudding could be sexy until I went for an audition and was asked to make chocolate pudding … sexy. Your/Our heart is what matters in every thing we do. The purpose of food is for our nutrition. Enjoying practically anything in moderation can not only be healthy but fun. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice piece of decadent chocolate? lol

So, as you lay out your plan for your future always check your motives and maintain a check and balance so that you do things moderately. Take your time, be patient with yourself and use moderation.


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