Celebrating Life. Celebrating My Mom!

I cannot go through this day without celebrating the woman who raised, supports, encourages and prays for me. She is the happy-birthday-quotes-for-mom-from-daughterlady I owe my life to. She taught me how to ride my bike (tricycle) in our small kitchen. She once chased me around the house and when she caught me sat on me and tickled me until I gave in. (That didn’t take much) Her love and prayers sustained through illness, military service, 5 grand children, divorce, good times and bad. And more importantly, she took me into her home when no one else wanted me and called me her own.

HBMomToday, I celebrate my Mother! We don’t always see eye to eye (I’m taller than she is … lol) and we don’t always agree. But she’s my mother and I love her dearly. So on this day, Monday, January 26, 2015 I say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY! Thanks for being my mother, mentor, friend and confidant. Sometimes I don’t realize just how well you really get me. Thanks for all the prayers, punishments, and the laughter. You’re the best mother ever! I’m proud to be your daughter. You know that I want to be with you! But you’re so wise and understanding that you see things that I don’t … even today. beautiful-flowers-for-happy-birthday

So Mom, I honor you and thank God for you. May your day be as special, grand, precious, delightful, graceful and wonderful as you are. I luv you!

Note: Though my mother is a very private person I wanted to share my heart openly. Because of her I am where I am. So in honor of her I will not post a picture of her without her permission. She’s really not cool with social media and things. šŸ™‚ So hopefully one day, you will meet the woman who means the world to me.

Feel free to leave a comment and celebrate her with me. I’ll share it with her. Thanks. Lin~


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