Sundays Without the NFL…What Will I Do?

scheduleI have been challenged to create a schedule for myself; one that is written down and visible to help keep me on track. Ok, no problem. But what about the weekends, especially Sundays? It was easy during football season to check my clock to the NFL on CBS or Fox Sports with the games came on. Now what? I feel so lost.

Sundays are always filled with the morning hustle and bustle of getting ready for church, going out to lunch on the way home and then enjoying family time fNFL3illed with football games, analysis, fantasy and cave-gating (hey, we can’t be there so we tailgate in my cave). Everyone in the household is a football fan. We have the Cowboys, 49ers, Ravens, Eagles and the Raiders representing their colors. Not to mention the food that sometimes go with it; from wings to hoagies, pizza, snacks, beverages, etc.

Today I came home and went to sleep. I was bored & tired just thinking about what to do. It didn’t help that I wasn’t feeling that well either. But, maybe this will be a blessing in disguise. This may just be the thing I need to help augment my weight loss. Nevertheless, I must fill this void constructively. Any suggestions? Because NASCAR season doesn’t start for another few weeks. OMG. I’m going through football detox. Help! I think I need a recovery group.


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