Here We Grow!

morton salt logo 1Do you remember the Morton Salt slogan, “When it rains it pours”? Well, that’s how my last 3 .. no 4 days have been like. My emotions have been all over the place. Normally this would be eating everything not nailed down. But I didn’t. I was victorious. It pays to take things moment by moment and remain in a place where you can hear the voice of God with wisdom and encouragement.

No matter what the rest of this week brings I know that I can handle it. And just by chance it gets a little too much I know just where to hide, under thing wings of the Almighty (see Psalm 17:8; 91:4).

Overall I feel great. I’m learning more about my body, what foods make me feel heavy (i.e. fried chicken) and how to better season my food. I really didn’t realize how water would change my pallet. Some things I use to like seem so much sweeter or saltier than I thought. What a discovery! So, to date I’ve alleviated fruit punches from my stash. The grands enjoyed them. But they will get cut down too. I also went shopping for new seasonings and I’m trying fresher ingredients like heproper-restrbs and fresh leafy vegetables instead of the canned or frozen ones. I’ll keep you posted.

Another observation – sleep better and have more energy. SMH ya think?!

Well, that’s it from me for today. This is a growing process and I’m grateful for those who’ve sent messages of encouragement. Thanks! So, who’s ready for some more challenges? This girl. But let me take a power nap first. lol

Enjoy the rest of your day, evening, afternoon. Remember, God is the one that gives us the ability, opportunity, and mentality to be successful. He wants us to prosper! So why not allow HIM to guide you through the process. Take care!


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