It’s Not Just About the Pounds & Inches…

…it’s about the heart and mind.

man-sees-other-self-in-mirrorI have been doing a lot of reading lately and I’m seeing the same theme over and over again. Change your mind (how you think about things) and you’ll change your life. In this challenge of losing weight I’m finding that the more mental weight I lose the more I lose physically and spiritually. To some that may be a “duh” moment but I hope to others it will be an “ah ha” moment. The reality came stronger this week as I was dealing with some things in my life.

It’s funny how you can know something intellectually, and yet not put it into consistent practice. Everything we do starts in the heart and mind of a person. Right? So why is it so hard for us to can't believe itchange our perceptions of ourselves? Why do some of us put up a mental surrender flag when things seem too difficult? Why, do we resist change?

Well, though I have my own personal hypothesis on the matter I will save it for another conversation. What’s important is to understand how and why I choose not to change or give up so easily. This thing is personal. How you perceive yourself is really at the heart of the matter. pic_mirror1

One thing I’ve chosen to do on a daily basis is to ask God to show me myself. Not always a pretty picture, but it’s awesome to see who I was, where I am, and the possibilities of what I can become. In fact, what’s interesting is that there are some things that God has prepared for us and in His eyes it’s already done. So, what’s the issue? Me. I don’t see it, understand it and sometimes don’t want it.

delight thyself also in the LORDIf we are to be successful in understanding God’s blueprint for our lives and letting go of all the weight needed to be at our best in this life we much relinquish our thoughts and will and give it to HIM. Why? Psalm 34:7 states, Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” The truth of this verse is that when we become moldable and pliable in the Master Designer’s hands the desires that are placed in us will come to fruition. Just make sure that they are His desires or in other words make sure that our desires align with His. “Not my will but thy will be done.” (Luke 22:42b)

Change isn’t easy, but when you endure the temptation of slowing down or even quittBe-Not-Wearying you will find that the reward is greater than what you’re going through. So, be encouraged my friends. Don’t freak out, faint, or give up. God has a wonderful plan for each of us and desires us to be successful in all things. You can and will make it … and so will I.

This is just a thought I wanted to share with you and hope that it will encourage you to keep going no matter what distractions, detours, or even discouragements that may … will… come.

Check this out! FYI

Here are some links to articles on

Here is a great blog by Dr. Judith Beck on Psychology, Thinking Thin. It’s full of articles giving various information and examples.

As time goes on I will post a page of affirmations and scriptures to help renew your … our …minds “in Christ Jesus.”

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