Wednesday, January 14, 2014

hi friend 2Did you miss me??? Well I missed you! I took a day of rest. I had a really bad coughing attach throughout the night. I guess it’s time to have that ol’ heater looked at … yet again. Dry hacking coughs are irritating and I get them usually when air isn’t circulating properly. But any way, here is a summary of my day.

Up @ 5:30 – Praying, writing, sketching, life mapping … the whole nine. I don’t think I got done until around 7:30 a.m. Note: I have 4 precious grand children who, in the midst of my mental and spiritual enlightenment, was getting ready for school and a daughter getting ready for work … in a home with only 1 bathroom. Fun right? Yea!!!

Breakfast was oatmeal. That was around 8 a.m. Accomplished my morning walk … but all over the house and outside. I had a lot of energy. Lunch was 1/2 of a sloppy joe around 1130 and ate the other half around 3:00. For dinner I hawpid-20150114_220717.jpgd a scrambled egg with spinach, carrots, and … some random veggie. IDK

Had a super charged meeting with a guest for the broadcast and took care of other stuff for the coaching and broadcasting side of my business, worked on a publishing project and began vision mapping for my gift basket business. Whew. In the midst of all of that I had a great conversation with my mother. She supercharged my spirit (and ego).  I learn so much from her … more now than ever. Her stories from my childhood, challenges in life and victories were provoking and encouraging. We even spoke of my father who is deceased. Yeah, it was one of those special moments.

Kids-Holding-HandsHealthy relationships are not the easiest to come by or maintain with responsibilities, busy schedules, and just stuff. Cherish each relationship you have and make sure you let the persons in your life that you appreciate and love them. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Before every call my Mother and I end our calls with those three little words, “I love you.” Yup, it was a really good day.

Challenges? Yeah, but not worth a second thought. Victories! Yea. Thankful? Heck to the yeah! Who’s going to bed rested and content? This girl! Rest well tonight. Oh and please check out today’s Grace for Today reflection. Yeah, I’m late, but I’m getting it in. GN!


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