It’s Cold Outside…

new-brrrrr-cold-out-3Tuesday, January 13, 2015

… and I do mean cold! Just came in from taking my baby girl to the bus stop. I forgot what it’s like to walk out in the cold. Brrrrrrrrr! It’s the kind of cold that will wake you up in the morning. That’s not a bad thing on a day like today. It has me up and ready to handle my day. And since I didn’t go to sleep until around 5 a.m. I’m impressed with myself. Nah, actually I’m quite thankful to God for answering prayer. I just didn’t think He’d energize me quite like this. You know what I mean?

Well, let me give you mtreadmilly updates from yesterday. I did the treadmill thing. Yes, that’s what I’m calling it – a thing. My goal is to walk for 45 min. So I broke it down to three 15 minute sessions. Not bad for starters. But I do have one issue – no electricity. I forgot that the treadmill didn’t come with a plug. So I have no system monitoring my steps, distance, calories burned, etc. And it’s the hardest walk I’ve ever had. But … maybe that’s a good thing. It worked these legs and it was good cardio. In other words, it made me walk it out!  Speaking of which … check out this version of treadmill walk it out.

Here’s the Runway Treadmill version. Click here. SMH … things people think of. Thought that would either make you laugh or just say, “Hmm?” Which one did you like better?

So my meals and snacks:

Lunch: I didn’t eat lunch. I was so full from breakfast that I went all the way to dinner. I did, however, snack on a few granola bars … 3 I believe.

Dinner: My lovely daughter cooked wholegrain vegetable pasta and added cut string beans, corn and tomatoes with a drizzle of cheese sauce. I mixed in the leftover chicken sausage crumbles. At least what was left over after my grands got to it.

I did get a little hungry later that night, just before bed (which I did early). So I had a Naked smoothie.

Now you know I strive to be transparent about my victories and my challenges. Water is still a challenge. I’ll staring-at-glass-of-waterpick up a smoothie, V8, or V8 Fusion before I grab the water. Soooo, I put the water next to my bed and I have one on the kitchen counter. This way, before I grab from my stash of juices I’ll grab the water. In fact, I have a 1 qt bottle next to me right now. Yeah, and I’m staring right back at it too. LOL Let’s see if that works.

Breakfast for today will be my staple. Yes, oatmeal. I told you that me and the Quaker Man got a thing going on. Besides, it’s heart healthy and quite filling.

Well, that’s my updates and what not for this morning. Have a blessed and productive day. Today’s Affirmation will be found on Grace for Today, the new name of Grace Notes page. Note: It’s still being updated.


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