Good night

For some reason, as I prepared for bed, Taps ran across my mind. Well, maybe it was a moderate jog. I was a Girl Scout and attended YMCA camp in my youth and I’m a veteran of the US Army (12 years in). So I guess it’s fitting to end my day the way I used to. I give thanks to God for my day. It was not only interesting but emotionally draining while mentally stimulating and spiritually challenging.

I didn’t get to do all three reps of my 15 min walk (treadmill), but there’s always tomorrow. I really have to work on my time management. May have to put myself in MP or Drill (drill sergeant) mode. I seem to become extra motivated when I go military.

Spoke with a fitness/nutrition coach today. Note: If you chose to use a fitness coach or trainer make sure they are willing and able to meet you at your point of need. The one thing I don’t like with some I’ve spoken to is that they have something to sell you before they really get to know you, your health history or your goals. I’m blessed to be able to connect with two very informed coaches. But I have to make a choice. Prayerfully, I’ll chose the right one or neither one.

Through our discussions I learned that I’m right on track with my meal planning and walking. I will need to create an exercise plan that I can maintain and that can be adjusted to my needs and goals if they change. The other thing I learned is that though my nutritional habits are in line for me to make target, I still need to work on my portions. Ok, I got this. Right? Of course I do. As one person said to me today, “If I don’t believe in myself then no one will.” How true a statement that is.

I noticed that I can actually go smaller in my portions when I eat. Prepared meals, such as a can of soup, can be broken down to three meals. It would help if I organized and properly planned my meals. The only thing about that is that I like flexibility. So, I created a meal planner based on a program I was on a long time ago – The Weigh Down Workshop. That thing was real. Wow. What an experience. That is one program I highly recommend. Hm, I wonder if I can find my journal?

At any rate, I ate 1/3 can of split pea soup with crackers and I drank water. I am really determined to drink more water. I have to admit, I do feel better. Having it next to my bed is a real game changer. See I have a stash of “goodies” that I put away for myself. I’ve replaced junk food with granola bars, my essentials (oatmeal, soups, etc.). Why a stash? Well, with 4 -8 kids at my house any given day food disappears and nooo one knows what happened. 😉

Well, my day is done. How was yours? I hope that it was great and that you accomplished something to day that brought you closer to your own goal(s). If not, get to it. In the meantime rest well. May your sleep be sweet and may we meet again tomorrow in the morning.

James 4_8a

Good night.


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