Just a Thought: Sound Off

We’re always counting calories, discussing dietary plans, nutrition, exercise regiments, etc. But as I was sitting in my room thinking that I really blew it, I realized that I don’t hear much conversation about how often we are to eat or the best time to eat in the mornings for our body’s metabolism to work effectively. Eating-late1

My dilemma: Now remember, I’ve been trying to eat early and get my day started off right. So I thought, or at least that’s my goal and still is. But, I ate late today. Breakfast was around 10:00 am – 10:30 am. That’s more like brunch than breakfast. Plus it was a rather larger meal than I expected. So when would be the ideal time for me to eat lunch?  Many of us would say, “When you’re hungry. Duh” Really? I might not get hungry until dinner time. Is that healthy? Will my body still metabolize at a good rate for me to stay on course towards my goal? Or am I thinking too much?

Like I said, I tried to do smaller portions, 1 egg instead of my normal 2 and so forth; but, it was a lot. I was raised to not waste food. So I ate it. All of it. Ugh! Don’t get me wrong, I feel great! But this thing is in my head. Funny thing, my Mom has this thing down pat. I guess I need to hang around her more often. 🙂 But at any rate I want to hear what you think. So …

It's your turn to sound off.

It’s your turn to sound off.

Sound Off!
What resource do you recommend? What’s your formula for success? Maybe you have another story or experience you’d like to tell. I really want to know. Yes, really. Put your Sound Off! reply in the Comments section or you can email me at if you desire anonymity. Please make sure you put “Sound Off” in the subject box. Let me know I have permission to share but not use your name. If you don’t give me permission I won’t share it. It stays confidential.

Can hardly wait to hear from you! Answer our poll.


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