Weekend Watch: January 10, 2015

i-love-the-weekendI love the weekends. It’s the time that I eat whatever; within moderation of course. This is a habit I got into when fasting a few years ago. I found it funny that even though in theory I could eat anything I usually still ate lite. When I’m on task I strive to stay there … usually.


My grands

Today I skipped breakfast. By the time I go up and going I kept it moving. I ate lunch though. I had one serving of beef stew.  For dinner it was a veggie pizza with cheese, spinach, green & red peppers and pineapple for a little sweetness. It’s been fun hanging with my grands at Pizza Hut. You never know what’s going to happen. But one thing I appreciate – they stay on me about what I’m eating. “Are you allowed to eat that, Nani?” or “I’m telling Mommy on you.” LOL


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