Thursday, January 8, 2015

EEGIt’s 2230 hours and I’m ready for bed. Today ended up being really mentally challenging . As you know I have a portable EEG attached to me and these wires get in my way. It’s frustrating. It’s hard to get (un)dressed, move my head, or just move around as normal. Five of the wires came off and it was even more frustrating trying to get them back on. A part of me wanted to scream. Instead I ate.

Victory: I didn’t eat junk food. I munched on lettuce, tomatoes and shredded cheese … left over from my salad.

Other than that, I had a decent day. Oh, by the way, my grands are going to help me put my treadmill up. 🙂 I think it’s an even exchange, what do you think?

So, by Monday I will be walking my way to a slimmer, healthier me.

Dinner: The grilled chicken salad I was suppose to eat for lunch I had for dinner. waterAnother one of my challenges is drinking more water. So, I have a 33 fl. oz. of water sitting on my night stand. It forces me to drink that instead of going to go get juice, tea or even a smoothie. I’m proud of myself. 🙂

Well, the EEG goes back tomorrow. Thank God! I have a hospital visit to do and then I can relax (I think). I love having Fridays off. Hopefully I won’t have to have another monitoring session. Please pray that they don’t find any abnormalities.

Reflections:  No matter how challenging the day or situation may be God is always there to help you get through it. It’s His promise, “Lo I am with you always…” So as we get ready to rest from our day remember to give God thanks for helping you get through it. He likes to hear you voice and patiently waits for you to come to HIM.

When you lie down, you shall not be afraid; yes, you shall lie down, and your sleep shall be sweet. (Proverbs 3:24 Amplified Bible)



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