Thursday, January 8th, 2015: Morning Mandate

good morning ThursdayGood morning! It’s 0915 and I’m up and ready to get things done today. And I’m quite hungry (for food & for God). My body is ready to receive its fuel, my mind is ready to learn, heart to express and I feel great. With a good night’s rest behind me and a day of new mercies and grace before me I have a CAN DO attitude.

Challenge: Not knocking off any of these wires again. Remember, I have wires all over my head, on and across my chest and two bags of monitors; the main one sits on my hip. And I had to sleep with this. SMH

“You are playing football like you’re playing Madden!” This is a quote from a Wall Street Journal sports article about the Seattle Seahawks’ defensive line. If I had a newspaper I’d read the classified, the financials (as if I have $tock options),  the obits (to make sure I’m not in it, as they use to say) and the sports pages. But anyway, this quote really stuck out. Seahawks' Edge

Many times we passively go about our lives as if it’s a Madden game, something we can have fun with and when it’s over pack it up and change the channel. Hm. Life is real, challenging, joyful, sometimes exhausting, but always moving in time and changing. This Thursday. Same name as last Thursday, but it’s different in its nuances and expectations. And we haven’t even talked about God’s mix and purpose in all this.

Active or passive life? Your choose.

So as we go about our day let’s do it with purpose. Now I know this isn’t my normal morning blog, bu it’s something I wanted to share – just in case someone was already feeling blah, disenchanted or discouraged. You can do this. Like I tell folks, ‘If God can get the glory out of me, He can get the glory (and meticulously use) you. And He will if you let Him.


What’s for breakfast?

Ok, my stomach is yelling at me so I’d better go eat. What are you eating today?

Well, have a great day! Remember, today is real full of new mercies, grace and opportunities. So Rejoice, Renew (your mind) and Receive (what God has for you)!


2 thoughts on “Thursday, January 8th, 2015: Morning Mandate

  1. No, not a sleep test. I use to have random black outs. But the military/veterans took forever to get me scheduled for the EEG. Had one at the VA, but my neurologist wasn’t satisfied. He ordered on for me while I’m home. I have to wear this until tomorrow. Yea me!


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