Midday Awesomeness!

kungfu-panda4-1024x640There is no charge for awesomeness… or attractiveness.

Yes, I’m having a Kung Fu Panda moment. It’s funny how I know more about the shows my grands watch than some adult shows … well, except Scandal. Yeah, they got to me. SMH

Quaker Man

Anyway, it’s the Midday Madness and I’m hyped. For breakfast I had my usual. Yup, oatmeal. Don’t hate on the Quaker Man. We have a good thing going on. lol For Lunch it was suppose to be salad with chicken (grilled), apples and cranberries. Instead I had a small side salad with sloppy joe.  T thought I had the Newman’s Own Lite Ranch. So my daughter brought home some Ken’s Steakhouse Dressing. But here’s the cool part – I didn’t need any. That’s write – no dressing.

Who’s rockin’ this new eating habit? This girl! Oh yeah. Awesomeness (in my Po voice).

Challenge: Being active – in other words Exercise. I’m a walker. It’s nothing for me to walk a least 3 miles 3-4 days a week. But, it’s cold and there’s snow on the ground. What happened to the treadmill? Good question. It’s still folded up in my living room. SMH I’m just not motivated to use it. It’s just not the same! (Are you buying into my sob story? I didn’t think so.) But… I have been blessed to connect with an awesome online group with a personal trainer. Yes! An online personal trainer. I use to do Jillian Exercise_at_home_without_equipmentMichaels and was pretty effective. But I know I need accountability and comradery. “Two are better than one…” (Ecclesiates 4:9). So I joined Happy, Healthy and Energetic: An Accountability Group on Facebook. Nikki, my coach, and I are already chatting to get me going. My mind is ready, now hopefully my body will submit. lol As for the treadmill, well, my grands said that they’d help me put it up if I allow them to use it for their “workouts”. Really? Well, I just may take them up on it. Stay tuned for more.

Broadcast: Today’s broadcast was crazy! We talked about how fear is a weight that causes mental, physical and social problems. Our example was Barak (See Judges 4). He was called to be a general and lead God’s people Israel to battle to defeat their enemy. Undoubtedly he wouldn’t budge. And though there is no written account of God’s conversation with Barak I get the feeling that He had a nice little talk with him. Fast forward: He acts like a … um … a … punk. Yeah, he was punked. And wouldn’t go unless Deborah went. So, even though he’s listed in the Hall of Faith, he really didn’t get his due. Deborah got it. Want to know more? Listen to the broadcast. I can’t tell you everything. lol

So, what’s for dinner? Hm?


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