January 7, 2015: End of Day Reflections

experiences-reflectionIt’s 2317 hrs and I’m not tired … okay, maybe a little bit. Today was exciting, engaging, and just … a-mah-zzzzing! (amazing)

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? I do too. What’s better is when God’s plan works even better.

I thought today was going to be crazy, but at every turn I was blessed in ways I couldn’t have planned even on my best days. Now, you saw the photos from my shopping experience. I did a video journal as well. That’s going to my YouTube Channel. Then there was the broadcast and finally my visit to the Philadelphia VA Hospital.

Neurological Blessing

At each step I realized just how God had ordered every step even when I though I would fall on the ice. SMH God was right there. So let me briefly tell you about the VA Hospital visit. I had to go to neurology to have some kind of scan attached to me. I’ve got wires and bandages all over my head and chest. Not pretty … see what I mean. But yes, I’m all smiles. What I thought would be a mess ended up being a blessing. The technician shared her story with me and I was like …

mind blown

How wonderful it is to hear someone’s testimony of recovery, forgiveness and weight loss (and her’s was emotional and spiritual). It was just what the DR. ordered.

Well, I’m resting well tonight knowing that it was productive and I only ate when hungry and I didn’t overeat. I didn’t “eat” like I probably should have but I did grab a V-8 and a Naked Fruit Smoothy instead of junk food. When I did eat I ate a half of a  chicken salad sandwich with spinach (instead of lettuce). It’s only day 4 and I already feel the difference in a lower sugar and salt intake. It feels wonderful!

Well, good night all. Tomorrow is another day … a new day full of opportunities. Have a good night, rest well and we’ll chat tomorrow (Lord willing).


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