January 6, 2015: Evening Reflections

January 6, 2015  Time: 2202 hrs


Today I thought I’d end my day with a moment of reflection – what went well, what was challenging, and what needs to change.

  • What went well
    • MrRogers“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor; will you be mine? Could you be mine?” I love Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. The Rev. Fred Rogers was great at making some of the most challenging of subjects palpable. Today was a very nice “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” kind of day; easy going, productive and actually fun.
    • Ate well: oatmeal for breakfast; 1/2 of chicken salad sandwich on multi-grain roll for lunch and the other half for dinner. No, I didn’t have the soup. Instead I drank plenty of water and stayed within my boundaries of not over eating or doing a lot of snacking. “Yea me!!!”
  • What was challenging
    • Getting an early start. Everything was late. Well, all except the broadcast. That’s my one constant.proper-rest
    • Not being on time for one thing often sets me off and tends to ruin my attitude. I will admit, however, I did pretty good at managing things – at least I think so.
  • What needs to change
    • Getting a proper amount of rest. That means going to bed on time. It’s now 2214 (10:14 pm for you civilians … lol) and I’m getting ready for bed.
    • The goal: In bed no later than 11 pm (2300).
    • Goal 2: Get up on time in the morning (preferably before 0800)

Oh well…

Final thoughts:
Things may not always go as planned. Life happens. Be patient with yourself and others. What you do and how you feel affect those around you so stay positive. Having a rough day? Breathe and remember you can do this. Emotions and thoughts are temporary. Then too, so is time. So, use your time wisely, love on the people around you and cast down (get rid of) negative thoughts and emotions that keep you bound. Negativity is a weight and our goal through this journey is to get rid of all unnecessary weights.


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