January 6, 2015: Morning Edition

it's snowingNot! That’s why some invented treadmills!!!

Good morning! I’m up and out and doing my thing.Got a late start but I’m feeling absolutely fabulous. Have you noticed that when you decide to do something and really put forth an effort that other things get crazy? Or is it just me?

The cravings are crazy! Even early in the morning. Now, I’m actually writing this around 11 am EST. So much of my morning is already spent and I have a lot to get done.

Breakfast was as I planned – oatmeal. The perfect thing for a cold snowy day. But, I have to remember, no make myself eat earlier. I really feel the difference with my energy level and attention span. Really, when you start eating at a good time 1) your body metabolizes better, nutrients get to where they need to go and you feel better. It’s also important that you eat the right thing(s) for breakfast. Oatmeal is a favorite so it’s not hard for me to do. Now lunch? Well, that’s another story. lol
It just may be soup. So listen, regardless of where you are today hang in there We Can and We Will DO THIS!

Today is a day of success even if it’s in baby steps.

Affirmation: “I am losing weight because am alert, focused and productive.”

all-things-runner-1-550x320This is my verse of the day! This is where I am. Where are you?


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